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Fahrenheit Hotel

1212 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1M4


Vancouver's first and only hotel catering exclusively to a gay male clientele.

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Profile Last Updated: July 13, 2006

Opened by Gay Men For Gay Men
Who better to know what gay men need in a hotel than other gay men? That's why the Fahrenheit Hotel was created: to accommodate an exclusive clientele. Located in the heart of Davie Village, the Fahrenheit is a refurbished European-style hotel, originally built around 1910. This is a hot spot for men of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the Enjoyable Amenities
Don't really feel like getting dressed in the morning? No problem. The second floor on the Fahrenheit is clothing optional. Feel free to roam around in nothing but your birthday suit. The top floor is reserved for guests who prefer a more laid-back atmosphere over the more active personality of the lower levels. Guest can enjoy free access to M2M Playspace, which is a great place to let loose and have some (safe) fun. M2M doubles as a sauna as well, so don't forget your towel! There are 42 rooms in total, some are single occupancy and some are double. Each room comes with high speed wi-fi Internet access. A continental breakfast is available daily in the hotel's cook-it-yourself kitchen.

Men's Only Hotel
While the hotel has nothing against lesbians and straights, some patrons might be uncomfortable with the 'clothing optional' sections of the hotel. Therefore, the Fahrenheit is strictly a men's only hotel.