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Bosa Foods

1465 Kootenay Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 4Y3


This authentic Italian market is the perfect place to grocery shop for delicacies and fresh products.




Neighbourhood | Vancouver
Getting There | Near Rupert Park
Cross Street | 1st Avenue

Profile Last Updated: April 03, 2008

Authentic Italian Goods
Having opened in 2006, this warehouse-style store has foodies around Vancouver buzzing. At Bosa Foods you’ll find staples of Italian cooking and most goods are imported from Italy. Pick up olive oil, espresso beans, dry pasta, marinated artichokes (they go great in salads and sandwiches), ready-to-serve antipasto, cookies, chocolate, Italian soft drinks and San Pellegrino mineral water. There is also a fresh pasta bar, a cheese aging room and a deli stocked with fine meats and cheeses. You can also find frozen pastas to take home (they make a delicious, quick meal) and frozen pizza dough ready for your toppings. Because it is a warehouse-style store, prices are usually cheaper than buying in a specialty shop. Although it may be warehouse-style, all of the goods are of premium quality and the staff is knowledgeable about food and the products on the shelves.

Sister Store
Bosa Foods’ other location, on Victoria Drive, is a neighbourhood staple. It is very popular with Commercial Drive locals and, like the warehouse store, offers all of the best brands and goods. The skinny aisles are stocked with imported pastas, pickled vegetables for antipasto, cans of tomatoes for making authentic sauce from scratch (no Ragu here) and much more. There is also a deli section where you custom order meat and cheese to your liking. The meat is fresh and tasty, and all the Italian staples are available, including proschiutto, salami, capicolo and more. Some cheeses you will find are Asiago, Parmigiano-Reggiano and provolone. Most of the cheeses come in different varieties, like mild or strong, and you can choose to buy a chunk or have it sliced. So grab your favourite Italian recipe and head to Bosa, where you are sure to find all of the ingredients that you need to make the perfect dish.